Alethea Group Announces Key Hires

Washington, DC, September 8, 2021 -- Alethea Group today announced the addition of four members to its team: Lee Foster, Dave Gosselin, Nina Jankowicz, and Kate LaVail.

  • Senior Vice President Lee Foster joins Alethea Group after nearly seven years at cybersecurity company FireEye’s Mandiant Intelligence division, where he most recently held the title of Director of Information Operations Analysis. Having founded and led an internationally-recognized team of intelligence analysts specializing in identifying and tracking cyber-enabled influence campaigns. “As someone who has a passion for building teams and developing new analytic capabilities, I am looking forward to working with the amazingly talented team at Alethea and cementing its role as an industry-renowned disinformation analysis shop,” Foster said.

  • Vice President of Engineering Dave Gosselin will lead the development of the Artemis platform, Alethea Group’s cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence solution that proactively detects disinformation. Previously, he served as the Software Architect for SciDB at Paradigm4; the Technical Lead for Systems and Analytics at 128 Technology (which sold to Juniper in the Fall of 2020 for $500 million); and a Principal Software Engineer for Oracle Corporation, starting at Acme Packet which Oracle acquired in 2013 for $2.1 billion. A Maine native, Dave graduated from the University of Maine with degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics.“I'm excited to create new enterprise-scale tools to fight the urgent threat of online disinformation.”

  • Director of External Engagement Nina Jankowicz is an internationally-renowned expert on disinformation and democracy, Global Fellow at the Wilson Center, and author of two books on information operations. She has advised governments, international organizations, and tech companies; testified before the United States Congress and European Parliament; and led accessible, actionable research about the effects of disinformation on women, minorities, democratic activists, and freedom of expression around the world. Jankowicz said: “I’m thrilled to lead Alethea’s external-facing research to continue to educate the public about the impact of disinformation on public safety, public health, and the functioning of global democracies.”

  • Vice President of Impact Kate LaVail, PhD will oversee a rigorous pipeline of innovations to measure and track the impact of disinformation and AG's work. Most recently, she served as Senior Director of Performance and Intelligence for McDonald's Corp's Global Impact function and has advised HHS, the CDC, NIH and multiple Fortune 100 clients on a risk-driven approach to planning and impact. Kate's team will tackle the challenges of leveraging past performance, machine learning and predictive modeling to support the development of effective strategy, limit reputational risk and develop actionable insights to protect and grow clients' brands. “Alethea Group is leading the charge against the most significant threats today,” said LaVail. “I'm excited to build rigorous, valid and durable solutions so clients can minimize the impact of disinformation.”

Alethea Group Founder and CEO Lisa Kaplan said: "Alethea Group's team is already first-in-class, as the first company that started to focus exclusively on disinformation, online threats, and social media manipulation and their effects on corporations and government entities. Our expanded leadership team brings unmatched expertise in going head-to-head with threat actors in the digital sphere to protect individuals, organizations, and democracies against disinformation. This growth could not be possible without the strength of our employees and the trust of our clients. Together, we will continue to pursue our mission of protecting the truth."

More information about Foster, Gosselin, Jankowicz, LaVail, and Alethea’s work is available on the Alethea Group website. All four experts look forward to building a robust relationship with the press.


Founded in 2019 with the mission to protect the truth, Alethea Group detects and mitigates instances of disinformation and social media manipulation to help clients navigate the new digital reality. Alethea Group is women and disability-owned and operated.